Wise Youngblood is a hard-hitting, high octane rock group from Vancouver Island reminding everyone that Rock N’ Roll can never die. With a fusion of the west coast grunge the boys grew up on and some southern blues roots Wise Youngblood has crafted a signature sound that separates them from the pack. The group’s sound starts with lead vocals that carry you through every emotional detail of each song keeping you singing along every time. Following that up with thunderous drums and powerful bass tones their live show is slammed into gear. Topping everything off with some heavy guitar riffs and addictive licks they will keep your heads bobbing and feet stomping. With their debut EP ‘Desert Wake’ featuring “Pyromaniac’ and their latest single’s ‘My Only Problem’ and ‘Robot’ Wise Youngblood has gained positive reviews as well as showcased their strong live performance all across Canada. Opening for and sharing stages with bands like Monster Truck, One Bad Son, The Wild!, Band of Rascals, Pigeon Park, and Aviator Shades this small down band is here to stay.
Wise Youngblood is pure rock. Their show isn’t just another gig, it’s a party. Focusing on nothing but the heavy groove’s and the crowd these boys were born to be on a stage. They strive to make sure that the crowd has a good time and every show memorable that doesn’t end when they leave the stage. They don’t just want to perform for the crowd, they want to know them! Eager to join their fans for a pint at the merch booth or in the crowd they make sure the fun continues. The 5 track EP and 3 latest singles are all available now on all popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.
For Booking and Press: Art Szabo – Manager 780-966-6166 art@sfear.ca

Kyle Stephen – Vocals
Andrew Harper – Guitar
David Buchanon – Bass
Myles Nowik – Drums

Noon at Night is a killer melody and vocal, and one I keep coming back to. Great opening line.

Kurt Dahl

One Bad Son

“These young men are dreamers. And they have the loud and proud, hard rock chops to make their dream significant beyond itself. You’ve got to respect that.”

DC Larson

Iowa, USA

“Wise Youngblood have an old school rock sound while interjecting a modern twist to create a truly special EP.” – “Desert Wake” EP Review –

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